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Principal Boy Costumes

P Boy Red Gold Finale.JPG

Red / Gold Finale or Regal

One piece tunic with cape.

Can include beige trousers if required, or can be worn with tights / leggings.

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Gold _ Cream P Boy.JPG

Gold / Cream Principal Boy

Beautiful cream tunic with gold detail. Originally made for a female Principal Boy, but could fit a small male.

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Aladdin P Boy.JPG

Gold / Cream Principal Boy

Grey tunic with patch detail and belt.

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Robin Hood.JPG

Robin Hood

Green Tunic with red detail

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P Boy Blue.JPG

Blue / Red / Yellow Tunic

Block colour tunic with diamond pattern on sleeves. 

Originally created for a female but could be adapted to fit a small male.

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P Boy Brown.JPG

Brown Patch Tunic

Brown tunic with patch detail. Great for Dick Whittington or Aladdin.

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Purple Prince.JPG

Purple Prince

Prince Tunic in two shades of purple with laced sleeves.

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White P Boy Finale.JPG

White / Gold Finale

White / Gold tunic. We also have a matching Principal Girl Costume.

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Red Prince or Pirate.JPG

Pirate or Prince

Red & Gold jacket which could be used as a Pirate or a Prince!

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