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Fairy Costumes

Green Fairy.JPG

'Green' Fairy

Beautiful 'funky' fairy dress with shimmering 'bean' detail and green organza ruffle. Includes necklace and cuffs

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White Fairy 3.JPG

'White' Fairy 1

Perfect finale dress match for the 'Green' Fairy, but also beautiful as a stand alone generic fairy!

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'White' Fairy 2

Gorgeous white fairy dress with shimmery organza ruffle and 'wings.

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White Fairy 2.JPG

Silver Fairy

Stunning Silver / Baby Blue fairy costume

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Blue Fairy 2.JPG

'Blue' Fairy 1

Beautiful blue Fairy dress, previously worn by a 'flying' fairy so features purpose-made holes in the sides.

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Blue Strictly Fairy.JPG

Blue / White 'Strictly' Fairy

A beautifully flowing 'Strictly' style fairy costume.

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Light Blue Fairy Bowbells.JPG

Light Blue 'Fairy Bowbells'

Light Blue & White Fairy Bowbells dress with 'bell' detail.

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