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Dame Costumes

This is just a selection of our fabulous dame costumes available to hire. CONTACT US for more information


Patchwork Opener

Multi-coloured Patchwork opener with asymmetrical skirt detail.

Two piece costume - bodice attached to bloomers, separate skirt.

Requires Crinoline (not included)

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'Shop Assistant'

Two piece skirt-suit in orange / browns.

Also available is a full set of matching dancers costumes.

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Hilarious foam bikini costume - fully lined and complete with sunburn marks! Even funnier when the Dame turns around...!

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Lady Admiral

Ay Ay Captain!

Stunning Lady Admiral Dame costume - top and skirt separate, includes red underskirt and striped leggings.

Hat is fixed to the wig and therefore not included.

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Blue Nightdress

Fabulous blue nightdress with large organza sleeves. Includes Mop Cap (not wig).

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Jam Worker

Stunning red patchwork dress with 'Jam' detail on apron.

Mop Cap included (not wig)

Requires Crinoline (not included)

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Dame Pink Mop.JPG

Pink 'Mop & Bloomers'

Pink blouse and bloomers set with mop cap and waspee.

Can come as part of a set of 2 for 'Ugly Sisters' with it's Purple counterpart - see next listing.

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Purple Mop Dame.JPG

Purple 'Mop & Bloomers'

Purple blouse and bloomers set with mop cap and waspee.

Can come as part of a set of 2 for 'Ugly Sisters' with it's Pink counterpart - see previous listing.

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Dame Orange Green Hoop.JPG

Orange / Green 'Hooped' Coat

Orange coat with green fur detail. Hoop built in

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Dame Blue Patchwork.JPG

Blue / White Patchwork Worker

Blue patchwork dress with bloomers and separate apron with patch detail.

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Dame Blue Gold Finale.JPG

Blue / Gold Finale or Regal

Blue and Gold sparkly dress which can be used with as a general 'Queen' character, or as a finale costume.

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Dame Pink Ruffle.JPG

Pink 'Ruffle' Dress

Gorgeous Pink Sparkly dress with organza ruffle around the bottom. Flesh material to the neckline.

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Green Hoop Dame.JPG

Green Hooped Dress

Green dress (with hoop built in', with green leopard print stripes.

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Dame Queen.JPG

'Queen Elizabeth'

A parody of an actual dress worn by Queen Elizabeth. Orange dress plus green jacket with brooch. Also includes matching green hat & grey wig.

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Union Jack Dame.JPG

Union Jack Hooped Dress

Shiny hooped dress in 'Union Jack' design.

Could be used for a 'Queen' character or as a general regal / finale costume.

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Purple Gold Finale.jpg

Purple / Gold Finale

Beautiful 2-piece Purple & Gold ballgown with detachable feather collar. Crinoline required (not included).

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Circus Dame.jpg

'Circus' Dame

Green dress with clown detail. Also includes purple / pink belt & purple bloomers.

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Green Sequin Leotard.jpg

Green Sequin Leotard

Green sequin leotard with ruffled bottom edge.

We also have a green sequin cover-all cloak with yellow organza ruffle for a 'reveal' moment.

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3D Popcorn costume, worn with straps over the shoulders. Red / White spotted lycra 'onesie' worn underneath and wig with popcorn detail, all included.

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Cape and Bonnett.jpg

Psychedelic Cape & Bonnet

One piece dress plus separate belt, cape (with organza boa around the bottom) and bonnet (wig not included)

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Cath Kidson Dress.jpg

Cath Kidson

Blue / Pink worker with apron included (Apron now has a 'Q' on a pocket sewn on top of the 'P').

Requires Crin (not included)

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Leopard Print.jpg

Leopard-Print Minidress

Leopard print lycra minidress with brown fur detail on neckline, sleeves and bottom. Gold belt & wig not included

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House Dress.jpg

'House' Dress

One piece dress consisting of fabric long-sleeved bodice and foam skirt with 3D door / plant / house detail. Includes 'roof' headpiece (wig not included

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School Teacher

Yellow / Blue worker with separate cape (with ABC detail). 

Requires Crin (not included)

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Nurse Worker.jpg

Nurse Worker

All-in-one denim dungaree dress & red pinstripe bodice. Includes Nurse 'hat' (wig not included). 

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Tartan Suit 2.jpg

Tartan Suit

2 piece skirt suit consisting of button-up jacket and elasticated skirt. Organza ruffle around the sleeves / skirt bottom.

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Twankey Laundry.jpg

Twankey Laundry Worker

Patchwork 'Laundry' dress with detachable 'washing machine' apron & foam padded shoulder pieces.

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Twankey Patchwork.jpg

Twankey Patchwork Worker

Hooped worker with 'WT' detail on bodice.

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Twankey Willow Plates.JPG

Willow Pattern Plates

Blue dress with foam 'plate' pieces which press-stud onto the neck and waist.

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Uglies Stripes.JPG

Ugly Sisters 'Stripes'

Button-up playsuits perfect for a pair of Ugly Sisters

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Uglies Brownies.JPG

Ugly Sisters 'Girl Guides'

2 x Girl Guide tunics. We also have a matching comic 'Scout' costume in stock.

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