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Illusion Hire

We are delighted to be able to offer a number of Stage Illusions now available for hire. Please note that hire of the equipment is subject to additional charges for a member of the Made to Measure Team to be in attendance for training and blocking of the illusion - this is compulsory on all Illusion hires except the puppet "hides".

  • 2 x Puppet 'Hides' - Cleverly hide your puppeteers in such a way that it looks as though the puppets are not being controlled by anybody! 2 designs available for each Hide.​​

  • Moroccan-Themed Throne Illusion - Vanish or appear someone with this deceiving, regal throne. Perfect for productions of Dick Whittington or Aladdin!

  • Twister Girl - Your assistant positions herself in a bright and crazy looking 'machine', before her head is twisted right around multiple times. The front doors of the machine are opened to reveal her body in an unfortunate condition!

  • Elastic Girl - Perfect for 'Keep Fit' Pantomime Dames! The Dame climbs into the 'stretcher', revealing her head, arms and legs through the sides of the box. In quick succession, each limb is successfully stretched up and down the box before returning her to her normal state inside the otherwise-empty box!

  • Cannon Illusion - Your comedy character volunteers to be a Human Cannonball! He climbs inside the Cannon and is eventually 'shot' across the stage, where he reappears on the Safety Net!

Please, CLICK HERE to contact us with any enquiries.

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