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Set & Prop Hire


Molly the Mouse

Molly is a mouse puppet, beautifully made by Mike Coltman Costume Construction.

She has access to operate from below, or from the back of her head so she can be operated while held by a performer onstage.

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Max the Mouse

Max is Molly's older brother, also made by the wonderful team at Mike Coltman Costume Construction.

Max only has access to be operated from below, and also has an arm rod for additional movement.

Don't forget that Max and Molly can also come with their very own Puppet 'Hides' to disguise the puppeteer!

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Puppet Hides

These very cleverly made 'Puppet Hides' give the illusion that the puppets are working all by themselves. Designed and Created by the geniuses that are The Twins FX.

Each hide has two possible designs, and they can be hired with or without the mice, if you have your own puppets to use.

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Panto Wall

This large panto wall is available for hire, complete with black crash mat for that well-known comedy routine!

This wall has two 'windows' on the front panel that can be opened by the comic, and can be repainted if required.

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Finale Rostra & Treads.jpg

Finale Rostra & Treads

This set of finale rostra and walk down treads was made for our production of Cinderella in Wimborne, and is now available for hire.

Currently painted in a pink / purple design, this can be repurposed for your event.

Includes get on/off treads

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